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Investment Castings

Most prominent Method for casting. We offer the most accurate Component from this manufacturing process.

Sand Casting

Characterized by sand as the mold material. Our specialized factories produce over 60% of casting for a global and domestic customer.

Die casting

Most Demanded Process in the Market. We are the most suggested name for this process of casting due to accuracy and cost-effectiveness.


Sectors we Serve
  • Engineering & Automobile Industry

  • Pumps/Pumping Equipment, Valves, and Fittings

  • Electrical Industry and Permanent Mould Tool

  • Defense Sectors, Aerospace, and Marine

  • Power Generation, Petro-Chemical & Earth Moving sectors

  • Oil- Petrochemical, Machined tools Industries

  • Mining Machinery/Equipment, Construction Machinery

  • Strainers & Spares

  • Fire Fighting Equipments

  • Complex shape and size of a component can be easily manufactured

  • Accuracy and Strength can be obtained in complex shape and size

  • The well-ordered shape is manufactured with minimum machining

  • High Aesthetic Value of Manufactured Component

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